The Need is Great

St. Vincent de Paul — Cincinnati brings hope to the front-line of poverty by providing critical emergency assistance to stabilize families. However, space constraints in the building we have occupied since 1962, limit our ability to serve struggling individuals with the level of service and dignity they deserve.


  • We must frequently tell our neighbors in need to come back on a different day because we don’t have room to offer all of our programs at once. These challenges create an undue burden on individuals struggling with significant barriers like child care instability, unreliable transportation, and inconsistent schedules.
  • Too frequently, long lines form outside our front doors. Crowded hallways and waiting areas make it difficult for those in wheelchairs. Children have very little space to play while their parents are assisted.
    Thousands of families find themselves on the brink of homelessness when a crisis limits their ability to pay their rent or utility bill that month.
  • Our Conferences provide assistance in over 70 Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods through the financial support they receive from their parish collections, but it’s rarely enough to help all the neighbors requesting assistance.
  • Conferences can request supplemental support from SVDP for Homelessness Prevention. However, these funds are typically exhausted by the second week of the month.

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