Your Support in Action

On a cold Tuesday morning in November, Evelyn walked into the Don and Phyllis Neyer Outreach Center asking for help from the pharmacy.

A clear hose looped under her nose and behind her ears, connecting to a nearly empty oxygen tank she borrowed from a friend. She was having trouble breathing, she told the pharmacist, but recently lost her job and had no income to afford her inhaler co-pays. Without hesitation, the pharmacy filled her rescue inhaler prescription and got her an appointment with a free on-site medical facility.

Overcome with joy, she started crying. Her life, she said, was saved. A month earlier, the outcome wouldn’t have been the same. Until the opening of the Neyer Outreach Center in October 2019, the pharmacy wasn’t open on Tuesdays. Space constraints in the old building forced it to limit its hours, meaning no one would have been there to help Evelyn. Instead of receiving a new inhaler and medical care, she would have been sent to the emergency room.

It didn’t take long for the Center to make a truly meaningful impact on our neighbors’ lives, which was a key promise of the Upward Spiral Comprehensive Campaign.

In addition to being open, the pharmacy now sits next to other service areas, like homelessness prevention and the food pantry, encouraging neighbors to get holistic care.

With its expanded space and additional hours of operation, the pharmacy immediately reduced the amount of time a neighbor has to wait to schedule an appointment, set a record for the number of prescriptions it fills in a month and saw a 13 percent increase in patient certifications.

You impactrf the lives of neighbors like Evelyn through your generous support of the Upward Spiral Campaign.