Your Support in Action

Turning the downward spiral around
Christina has faced many challenges, always with her head held high. When she got hurt at work, Christina had to quit her job and was forced to live off a disability check. She soon learned this would not be enough to support her and her children, the oldest of whom has autism and suffers from Crohn’s disease.

Christina says the most pivotal moment of assistance that she received from St. Vincent de Paul — Cincinnati was shortly after the birth of her third child, Jack.

When Jack was born, I was trying to decide if I was going to keep him; I couldn’t support him,” she said. Expenses piled up, sending her into a downward spiral so steep she thought she would have to give up her child. St. Vincent de Paul caught her at that critical moment and lifted her back on her own two feet. “They gave me hope that this beautiful baby boy could still be mine, and I could care for him.”

Christina received clothes, a crib, and baby bottles. When her refrigerator broke, volunteers at St. Vincent de Paul helped her get a replacement. When she couldn’t afford her rent, she found assistance at St. Vincent de Paul.

Today, thanks to the hand that pulled her up from her downward spiral, Christina has received the training necessary to get a job building circuit boards that pays enough to support her family.

I just want the world to know about St. Vincent de Paul,” she said. “They’re angels sent from heaven, that’s what they are.”

You can reach out a hand to someone like Christina and replace despair and suffering with hope and joy.