St. Vincent de Paul’s Impact for Five Generations

Donor Spotlight: The Ed & Joann Hubert Family Foundation

Ed Hubert (1942-2017) was a very successful businessman who spent his entire career working alongside his family to grow the Hubert Company. He joked that he began his career sweeping floors at the age of eight and didn’t stop until the company was sold in 2000. While Ed built the business, Joann built the Hubert family; caring for their three children, and her aged mother, and still finding time to give back to the community.

The couple has always believed in sharing their time, talent and treasure and has supported many worthy causes over the years. However, their connection to St. Vincent de Paul has a deeper significance.

Around the turn of the 20th century, Ed’s grandmother emigrated to Cincinnati. She was 14, didn’t speak English and made the journey alone from Budapest. Some years later, she was married with three small children when her husband became ill. They didn’t have money for food, and St. Vincent de Paul – Cincinnati was there to help. Ed’s father remembered volunteers from St. Vincent de Paul coming to their house with bags of potatoes and onions; keeping the family from going hungry.

A generation later, Ed’s parents struggled financially; relying on government housing (they lived in English Woods) as they started their fledgling business. Joann recalls, “Ed never forgot how excited his parents were when they were finally able to get their own home. That’s part of the reason he supported St. Vincent de Paul. He wanted other people who were struggling to feel that joy.”

Last fall, the couple decided to make a transformational gift to the Upward Spiral Campaign. This pledge took on even deeper meaning after Ed’s unexpected passing in December. “I wanted this gift to honor Ed,” Joann said through tears. In early January, Joann and her three children hand-delivered their contribution. Standing together in the food pantry, they lingered for nearly an hour, alternating between laughter and tears as they shared stories about Ed and talked about what a fitting legacy this gift was. They also talked about ways to begin getting Ed and Joann’s grandchildren involved with St. Vincent de Paul.

Joann hopes their story will inspire others to support St. Vincent de Paul’s Upward Spiral Campaign also. “There are times in your life when you need a hand up. It might be money; it might be emotional support. Providing that (hand up) is just something we can do. Everyone has to find their own way of helping out.”

Ed Hubert’s grandmother found the help she needed at St. Vincent de Paul. Now, generations later, the family remains committed to supporting the organization.